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04 May 2003

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

April 24 was Take Your Daughter (and Son) to Work Day and Kelsey came with me to work. In previous years she has visited her dad's different workplaces and also went with me to Learningsmith, Hobee's and Barnes and Noble. (I think Hobee's was her favorite because of the free food). Anyway, this year she came with me to Cardinal Health to hang out in the Document Control Unit. Even though boys were invited this year both Duncan and Cameron opted not to come. Both had been to my work at other times and had not been impressed.

Anyway, Kelsey had a good time. For someone who is so disorganized at home she can be quite organized in a work situation. When I asked her about that she said "I don't like organizing my own stuff...I like organizing other people's stuff!" She enjoyed making photocopies, alphabetizing and filing. She also got to destroy some old documents which she thought was a lot of fun (destruction being something that she is very good at). But the most fun she had was when we had to walk through one of the labs in order to get to another CDR (controlled document room). She had to put on a lab coat and lab glasses and she thought that was a hoot! Here she is:

Overall, she had a good time and was a lot of help. I don't think she is going to make document control her career (she still wants to be a vet) but at least she has an appreciation for the work I do.