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11 April 2003

Now It's My Turn...

Well, today is my 47th birthday. See...I said it out loud. Really, the age itself hasn't bothered me. I think I was more bothered by the kids getting older.

Anyway, my co-workers did my office all up with an Hawaiian theme. Here a picture of the entry:

Here are pictures of the interior:

My co-workers have heard me talk a lot about wanting to take the kids to Hawaii and my own desire to visit Tahiti someday so they decided to go with that. I count myself lucky...not only because they thought enough of me to do this but because my boss also has a birthday (tomorrow) and they did his office all up with black balloons, a fake wheelchair and put a sign on his door that said "Geriatric Ward". Of course, he was turning *50* and that made all the difference!

Tonight I'm meeting with my co-workers for a dinner celebration and then I'm going to open the presents from the kids and Frank. All in all, a very pleasant birthday!

05 April 2003

Turn Around, Turn Around....

When I was growing up there was a Kodak commercial that used to play during "Wonderful World of Disney". I don't remember all the words, but it went something like this:

Where are you going my little one? Little one? Where are you going, my baby, my own?
Turn around and you're one, turn around and you're four. Turn around and you're a young girl walking out of the door.

There were more verses and the song ended with "a young wife with babes of your own". I've always remembered that song and as I posted about Duncan turning 16 a few weeks ago, today I think about the fact that at 2:32 tomorrow morning Kelsey will be 13 years old....a teenager, a young woman. My own.

All my life I wanted a daughter. Perhaps it is because we hope that our children will have the life that we never had. And being a woman, I wanted a little girl to have the life I didn't have. As I said in Duncan's post, I wasn't sure what to do with a son. But a daughter I would understand...or so I thought!

For the longest time I didn't think that I would ever have children and then someone came into my life that I wanted to share the rest of my life with and I was lucky enough to be given 3 really cool kids with him. And my last baby...was a little girl. We had already decided that boy or girl the third one would be the last and so imagine our joy when we got a little girl! We love our sons but it is so cool to have both genders. Her daddy cried when she was born and I couldn't believe it. In fact, I know that's what I said..."I don't believe it" when they told me it was a girl.

It has been cool to have another female in the house...but Kelsey is very different than I am and I am so glad of that. She seems to be a pretty well-rounded individual...very smart, personable and creative. And she is so FEMALE! When she was 3, we used to lose her while cutting through Macy's because she would stop in the jewelry department because she liked the "shiny" stuff. Jewelry and shoes have always been her favorite departments.

And so my baby, my last born child is turning 13. God, do I feel old. Of course, I could be a grandmother if I had started earlier, but I'm glad I didn't. I was old enough to feel ready to have children and I have enjoyed almost every minute raising them.

I am so lucky. Happy Birthday, Kelsey Boosman!

Trapped in the House of Screaming Girls...

Kelsey talked me into letting her have a sleepover for her 13th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). While I will post more about my thoughts on my baby being 13 tomorrow, I just wanted to say that I must have been insane to agree to this. The noise level is intense. How do they understand each other at all? And *I'm* a female so you think I would be used to it!
The boys were wise enough to opt to spend the weekend with their father. They tend to find the female of the species (especially 13 year old ones) about the most loathsome creatures on the earth.
I'm sure that I will survive and it's only for one night, but it just makes me realize how irritating I must have been at the same age! Fortunately for my mother, the one time I ever had a sleepover, I only had two friends over so hopefully the decibel level was much lower.
In the words of Jim from "Murphy Brown"....Pray for me.... ;-)