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19 January 2003

California Dreamin'

Well, as I said in the previous post, I'm in San Diego. Sometimes I forget how beautiful California can be. I chose to move back to North Carolina for various reasons, but when you experience a beautiful California day (72 degrees, slight January!) you remember how lucky Californians are in regards to weather.

Overheard at my hotel this morning:

Man: "The weather and scenery here is gorgeous"

Woman:"Why do you think it's so expensive to live here? If they could, everyone would live in San Diego."

While I'm not sure that is exactly true (my own son Cameron says the snow in North Carolina is one of his favorite things), it is true that for a native Californian you can take the weather for granted...until you leave it!

When I left North Carolina we had snow on the ground and it was 33 degrees. Now, I do like seasons and actually North Carolina has very mild ones (except their hideous summers) so overall, I'm still glad that I returned to North Carolina for the housing prices, the safety, the feeling of community, etc. But, there are a lot of wonderful memories for me in San Diego. Growing up in a military family, San Diego was always "home base" and the place that we always tried to return to. As an adult, I thought I would never leave...but then Frank's career path took us away from San Diego and we never returned as an intact family. The kids and I did live in San Diego for one year recently (May 2000-June 2001) and thought we would stay, but the housing prices (and the kids' desire to go "home") drove me back to North Carolina.

Anyway, I'm in San Diego to conduct an audit of the Document Control division at our San Diego location. Surprisingly enough, my company in North Carolina has an division in San Diego! It's up in the Mira Mesa area and I will be there on Monday-Wednesday. I came out to San Diego a little early to kick back and also to see my family since my mother, sisters, neices and nephews all live here. I will be seeing them a little later today.

Here is a picture of my hotel:

I stayed at this hotel on Shelter Island at first because I wanted to see the water. Tonight I will switch to the "company" hotel where everyone else is staying and then I will stay with my mom for the rest of the week.

View from my room (well, actually after you get through the parking lot):

And my favorite thing in California:

This is the view from the back of the has the bay on one side and a marina on the other:

As I said, San Diego holds wonderful memories for me. I was born here, basically grew up here, met the man that I married here, had my first child here. Everywhere I look there are reminders of good times in my life. However, some of the dreams that were dreamed here did not come true...and that's hard, too. I always find myself conflicted when I live or visit here. Almost like I don't belong anymore. I'm not sure where I *do* belong...but I'm thinking it's in Montana raising Huskies! ;-) Oh well, perhaps that will be the next phase of my life!

He Shoots...He Scores!

Cameron has started playing basketball again with the Apex Parks and Recreation. They have a winter league each year. While Cam occasionally plays soccer with leagues, his first love is basketball.

Last Sunday was his first game. Unfortunately, he only played the first half but it was for a good reason...his dad had bought him tickets to see the Carolina Hurricanes play against the Colorado Avalanche (Hockey) and the times overlapped.

Here is Cameron on the court:

His team name is the Tritons and he is number 13. He chose the number.

His team won their first game. Their second game is today, but I won't be there since I'm in San Diego (see next blog entry). I hope they do well today, too.

01 January 2003

My Fortieth Birthday

The kids and I celebrated my fortieth birthday last night -- none of us wanted to wait until today. They had the kind assistance of their mom with the arrangements, but they decorated the cake and put up the room decorations on their own. It was great!

Cameron and Kelsey bought what must have been the grocery store's entire stock of black 40th birthday candles. The top of the cake was barely visible under it all. It was really quite cute. Here's the tombstone candle they bought. The wisps of smoke are from all the just-blown-out candles and seem appropriate:

I received some wonderful gifts. Among others, here's a miniature R/C car from my friend Tina (perfect for dining table races)...

...and here's a first-day issue of a Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner stamp from Karin -- I hadn't even known such a stamp was issued.

Thanks to my kids for putting on my birthday party, to my ex-wife for graciously helping them with the logistics, and to everyone from whom I received presents and/or cards. It was all much appreciated!

Geocaching with the Kids

After a few months away from it, the kids and I have gotten back to geocaching, the sport of finding hidden treasure troves using a GPS receiver. Cameron, Kelsey, and I are the ones who go geocaching -- Duncan has decided it's not his cup of tea.

The basic idea is this: you go to the Website, enter your location, and look for caches located nearby. After choosing a cache to seek, using the GPS coordinates and a GPS receiver, you go hunting for it. Caches typically have logbooks and lots of goodies. If you take a goodie, you leave a goodie. When you get back home, you log your visit on the Website.

Here are Cameron and Kelsey yesterday, searching for a cache in Chapel Hill:

And here they are after we found it:

I was the one who spotted this particular cache -- my first. Cameron has spotted most of them that we've found and seems to have the knack for it.

Geocaching is good body exercise, good mind exercise, a good excuse to get outdoors and into the woods, and mostly just fun. I recommend it!