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"Yes you do. I just told you."

Today at Smith Tower (a century-old Seattle building with partly manual elevators: buttons for the floors but levers to open and close the doors):

Me: Five, please.

Elevator operator: Presses "5", closes door. You need to press the floor.

Me: Pardon me?

Elevator operator: It's not my job to press the button. You need to do that.

Me: But you just did it.

Elevator operator: I'm saying it's not my job.

Me: Why?

Elevator operator: We're not psychics. We don't know what you floor you want to go to.

Me: Yes you do. I just told you.

Elevator operator: But that's your job.

Me: So why don't they let me do your job, too?

Elevator operator: You'd have to ask the management that.

Exeunt Frank.


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