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Snakes, Multiple Varieties of

The Seattle Times ran a story on a snake shelter built in Jose Rizal Park in Beacon Hill -- a place for garter snakes to hibernate and hide from predators:

Beacon Hill's newest community center isn't much to look at -- a jumbled pile of rocks, really. But for some of Jose Rizal Park's most secretive and slithery residents, it's a place to hang out.

Last month, garter snakes populating the park's tree-tangled west side got a construction project designed just for them. Called a herpetarium, it's a shelter fit for any reptile, with its small, pyramid-shaped form and walls lined with recycled scrap...

The reptile-friendly pyramid has a base 4 feet long on each side, and an apex 2 ½ feet tall...

Such chambers let snakes hibernate during the winter. When the snakes emerge, they warm themselves on sunlit rocks, with easy escape should predators pass by.

The best thing about the story, though, was the first comment posted:

Odds are good I will find a couple of ex-boyfriends residing here. Posted on July 5, 2009 at 6:57 AM by cheezybreezy.


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