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Heard at Lunch

A lunchtime conversation while I was visiting the office last week:

Me: So I have this idea to do a remake of Gilligan's Island with pop and hip-hop artists. Not as a reality show, but as a straight-up sitcom. It's all about the casting. I'd start with Sean Combs as Thurston Howell III. And a friend suggested Justin Timberlake as Gilligan. What do you think?

Ty: Not bad. You'd need someone as the Professor. How about Humpty?

Ken: You could have Mary J. Blige as Mrs Thurston Howell III.

Frank: That's good. I know Flavor Flav needs to be in it; I just don't know as whom.

Ty: How about as the astronaut who lands on the island?

David: Sure. But who would play the Harlem Globetrotters?

Ty, Ken, and me in unison: The Harlem Globetrotters!

I love working at home, but I just don't have conversations like this with my cat.

Thank goodness.


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