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It has been 710 days since Barack Obama announced his candidacy. When I saw his speech, I thought the country was ready to elect an African-American president.

It has been 437 days since Obama spoke at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa. When I saw his speech, I decided to support him in the Democratic primaries.

It has been 383 days since Obama won the Iowa caucuses. When I saw the returns come in, I felt that he was going to win both the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

It has been 231 days since Obama gathered enough delegates to assure himself of the nomination.

It has been 146 days since Obama was named the Democratic nominee for president.

It has been 77 days since Obama won the election and became the President-elect.

Somehow, with all this time to prepare for it, with all this time believing his election was possible, then inevitable, then a certainty, today was no less emotional for me.

President Obama, may you have every success in the coming years. Congratulations to you.

And congratulations to us all.


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