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Breaking Radio Silence

I've been waiting -- for months now -- for the right time to start blogging again. I can't imagine a more important or historic day: we're about to elect either the first African-American President-elect or the first female Vice President-elect in the history of the US.

The campaign that ends today has gone on so long, and received so much attention in the media, that I can't think of anything I could say about it that would be novel. What I can say is purely personal: I made the decision to support Barack Obama about this time last year, and since then, I've had no reason to reconsider that decision. In fact, watching how Obama has handled himself over the course of the campaign has convinced me repeatedly that I made the right decision.

Whatever your political beliefs, if you're a US citizen, I hope you vote today, if you haven't done so already. If we're to solve the daunting problems that face us as a nation, it will be because millions of citizens demand change -- and that change starts with becoming involved in the political process and electing leaders who will bring about the transformation we want and need. So whatever your concerns -- war, the economy, the environment, the national debt, education, health care, human rights, or others -- identify the candidates you believe will do the best possible job and vote for them. Then, stay involved in the process by insisting that elected officials follow up on their commitments.


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