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Obama and the Flag Pin

In Iowa, Barack Obama was asked why he doesn't wear a flag pin on his lapel (coverage here and here). His response?

Somebody noticed I wasn't wearing a flag lapel pin and I told folks, well you know what? I haven't probably worn that pin in a very long time. I wore it right after 9/11. But after a while, you start noticing people wearing a lapel pin, but not acting very patriotic. Not voting to provide veterans with resources that they need. Not voting to make sure that disability payments were coming out on time.

My attitude is that I'm less concerned about what you're wearing on your lapel than what's in your heart. And you show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who served. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and our ideals and that's what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.

I'm amazed that any serious candidate for the presidency would say this, and delighted that the candidate who said it is Obama. It would be far, far easier to just wear the lapel pin and avoid any potential controversy. I'm sure that's what any $200-an-hour political consultant would say. "Why do something that could come back to bite you? Just wear the pin."

I've long said that a fundamental problem with politics is that the skills necessary to get elected have little or nothing to do with the skills necessary to govern. Obama may or may not become our next President, but in a world that rewarded intelligence, thoughtfulness, and honesty, he'd be a shoo-in.


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i s'pose it could've been worse. at least it wasn't a "pledge" pin.

(or maybe it was?)

good to see that life's treating you well, take good care, holler anytime,

stephenhsmith muleboy303@gmail.com

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