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Am I Missing Something?

I was waiting for the tram from the Main Terminal to the North Terminal at Sea-Tac recently and found myself standing behind someone I had to snap a photo of:

Seen at SEA

This guy was a bodybuilder who looked to be in his mid- to late-forties. Fine, good for him. He was balding on top, with longish hair nonetheless. Not the style choice I'd make if I were going bald, but okay.

But then there were the shorts. Though this picture doesn't do them justice, they were straining around his thighs and so were pretty much skin-tight as a result. From a distance, it looked like he was wearing a thigh-length wet suit bottom.

And then there was the inevitable, the inescapable, the ever-present fanny pack (held in the hand because, presumably, he had just come through security). Once and for all, can someone tell me what bodybuilders carry in those things? Am I missing something?


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I think they carry an extra pair of shorts in case they burst out of the ones they are wearing.

Could be. I don't know. The most common answer is, of course, 'roid juice, but then would he really be carrying 'roids through security.

ith not juith, ith a protein thake. -- can you name the movie?

Without Googling it, which would be cheating, I'd have to go with "50 First Dates". Sean Astin, right?

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