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The Police in Concert

So, after all the build-up, how were The Police in concert? They were terrific. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had this to say of the show:

Police fans were walking on the moon Wednesday night.

The Police opened the U.S. leg of its long-anticipated reunion tour with the bang of a gong and a parade of hit songs at KeyArena. Concertgoers responded with handclaps, singalongs and whoops of approval...

In Seattle, the good vibes and celebratory nature of the opening shows in Vancouver were still evident in the band's spirited performance, as well as fans' excited reaction to seeing their longtime heroes back on stage...

The band's performance was tighter and more focused than the tour's opening night May 28 in Vancouver...

Sting, playing a scuffed and seasoned electric bass and wearing a tattered white tank top, smiled broadly for much of show and looked happy to be back on stage with his former bandmates. Summers looked far more serious, while Copeland was positively intense.

And The Seattle Times wrote this:

Competing with the memory of your own greatest performances is a daunting proposition.

But the Police, the classic English rock trio that had not played in the Seattle area since its memorable 1983 show at the Tacoma Dome, managed to pull this feat off pretty well Wednesday night at KeyArena.

Though the band wasn't exactly relaxed -- you could often feel their concentration -- they played their old songs with real spirit and commitment and were sometimes even inspired.

By the end of the show, pumping out those insistent punk/new wave beats, they had worked their magic. It felt like 1983 all over again.

The energy level of the band and the audience was amazing. And the band maintained that energy over a two-hour set without breaks. That gave them time to play all the songs I really wanted to hear (though Duncan was disappointed they didn't play "Omega Man").

Here are a few of the photos I took of the concert. I'm not vouching for the quality of the photography here, just trying to convey the feel of the show:

The Police 1 (Synchronicity II)

"Synchronicity II".

The Police 10 ("Roxanne")


The Police 15 ("Next to You")

"Next to You".

My Flickr photoset from the concert is here. I've posted two videos on YouTube; until they're undoubtedly taken down, they're here and here.

In short, if you're a fan of The Police, try to see them on this concert tour. It's a great show; you'll always be able to say you were there when they reunited; and given their legendary fights, you never know -- it could be their swan song.


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Is Seattle the show that Stewart Copeland, in his blog, admitted sucked because of Sting's colossal ego? At least they didn't take any breaks.

Speaking of Stewart Copeland, you sorta look like him plus 20 pounds. (No disrespect, he's really thin.)

I saw the Police in late 1979 in an old theatre in Philadelphia and they were super, but not a transcendental experience. I remember Sting switching the weight on his feet to the reggae beat all night long. Like watching a fast pendulum.

I'm glad I saw them then since I've hated intensely everything they've done since (solo also). That they're doing a reunion without any new material or enough rehearsal confirms my contempt.

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