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"...Fights Like Someone Having a Stroke"

Via Digg, a lengthy article rating the five actors to have played Batman in the movies. I doubt I'm giving anything away by saying that Adam West comes in last place. The article is generally pretty funny, the section on West especially so, but this is my favorite bit, accompanied by an inline video showing the climactic fight aboard the Penguin's submarine at the end of the campy 1966 film Batman: The Movie:

BatWest fights like someone having a stroke. To be fair, Batman: The Movie's supposed to be campy. To once again be unfair, it looks like they didn't so much choreograph their fights as just run around flailing their arms like the set just caught on fire...

Man, let that in. BatWest just got his ass handed to him there by a quacking Burgess Meredith with a pillow under his tuxedo. That's the point in your crime-fighting career where you just need to stop and frankly assess some things that might have gotten away from you. If BatWest had to fight a six-year-old girl on crutches, frankly, it could go either way.


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