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Clearing My To-Blog List

With few exceptions, I dislike the idea of blog entries that are context-free (or mostly context-free) links to other pages. "Check this out!" just doesn't do much for me. But I have 20 windows of links in Firefox, and it's either a) dump them all or b) clear them out with a single post. So, and in no particular order:

The BoGo Light is a great idea -- a solar-powered flashlight designed for the Third World. Here in the First World, we're so accustomed to having light whenever we want it that it's hard for us to remember just how much more difficult life would be without it. Buy one and they donate one to charity.

The Economist's blog from Europe reports on the use of the familiar tu and the formal vous (tutoiement and vouvoiement, respectively). The French are considering enforcing vouvoiement in schools, even as its use at EU headquarters seems a thing of the past.

News from the world of health: Soy promotes weight loss. Proof of the effectiveness of interval training (and not just for elite athletes) is on the rise.

Via Andrew Sullivan (among others), London chooses a horrible logo for its 2012 Olympic Games. See it and some of the reactions here -- I can't mention my favorite, which involves Lisa Simpson, but I also like the comment that it looks "as if the 80s has thrown up into 2012". The Sun holds an impromptu design competition, and their in-house artist does a fantastic job.

More examples of awful logo design here and here.

The rise in the Canadian dollar versus the American dollar has left Canada hungry for tourists. Hey, I did my part -- I was in Whistler earlier this month.

Yesterday was the 40th Loving Day. It's nearly incomprehensible to me that as recently as the 1960s, some people were arguing against interracial marriage. My hunch is that 40 years from now, the arguments made by today's opponents of gay marriage will sound similar.

This statistic is staggering, or should be: "Texas, where coal barely edges out cleaner natural gas as the top power source, belches almost 1 1/2 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. That's more than every nation in the world except six: the United States, China, Russia, Japan, India and Germany." So Texas alone is contributing more to global warming than all but six countries.


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