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Cat Shots

My colleague Rett and I were driving to lunch today when we noticed a bumper sticker on the car ahead of us:

Education Before Vaccination


This led to the following conversation:

Me: Check out that bumper sticker. "Education before vaccination"? Do you think they're against vaccinating cats?

Rett: Could be.

Me: Maybe they're afraid the mercury in the vaccines will make cats autistic. Cats will end up in corners rocking back and forth, or watching tops spin.

Rett: But that's what cats already do. Maybe they think it's a conspiracy. You know, if we didn't vaccinate cats, they'd be intelligent and would rule the world.

Me: Good point.

Rett: On the other hand, "Cat Shots" makes me think it's glamour shots for cats. Hey, there's a business idea right there.

Me: Glamour shots for cats?

Rett: That has 'small business loan' written all over it. I don't even think you'd have to show the bank a business plan. "Glamour shots for cats? Here's your money!"

For the record, Cat Shots isn't against vaccinating cats, but wants feline vaccinations administered according to protocols designed to minimize vaccine-associated sarcomas.

Amazingly enough, a cursory Google search failed to reveal anyone in the business of glamour shots for cats, though a woman from Atlanta has published a book of glamour shots of her pug.


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