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"Vanti", "Vanila", "Frappino", and "Rasbery"

A post on Starbucks Gossip asked:

One of the big Starbucks customer-service mantras is "Just Say Yes," which means the customer can pretty much get whatever he or she asks for. Judging by comments posted on various Starbucks Gossip threads, this policy is causing more and more problems as customers try to exploit it. Should "Just Say Yes" be dropped? Altered? (How?) Or kept in place to keep Starbucks a customer-service leader?
In response, a commenter replied:
We had to say no the other day to a Japanese family who'd brought in those godforsaken printable iced coffee coupons from last summer -- not only was that only good for a grande of our actual iced coffee, and NOT iced mochas, lattes or caramel macchiatos, this family had THEMSELVES altered the coupons to say they were getting free VENTI iced beverages and a complimentary slice of lemon raspberry loaf...

Ah, and when I said they "themselves had altered the coupons", I meant anyone of us could have opened Notepad on the computer and typed out the following in 24pt Times New Roman font.

This is word for word what the coupon said, spelling mistakes noted:

"This coupon entitles the bearer to one free Vanti(sic) iced coffee, iced mocha, iced latte, iced vanila(sic) latte, iced americano, iced caramel macchiato or frappino(sic) of their choice, plus one piece of free lemon rasbery(sic) loaf. The summer are here at Starbucks."


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