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Am I the Only One?

For years, my drink of choice at Starbucks was a venti skim decaf latte. (As a general rule, I avoid caffeine except in times of extreme need -- maybe once every month or two.) Along the way, I experimented with an iced version of the drink, because unless it's seriously cold, I prefer chilled drinks. About a year ago, I decided that the milk in the latte was just empty calories, and so switched to the venti iced decaf americano, which I would then top off with a little bit of skim milk.

Recently, though, I found myself thinking that between the water of the americano and the ice, I was getting a fairly watered-down drink. I wondered, "Can't I just ditch the water and order an iced espresso?" I decided to add a bit of flavor by including sugar-free syrup (Starbucks offers three varieties). And I tried out half-and-half, and realized that in the small amounts I'd be using, it was a minor luxury that greatly improved the taste.

So with all that, my order is now a venti iced decaf espresso, add a shot (for a total of five), with sugar-free syrup, fill the cup with ice, and top it off with half-and-half. I usually get the same reaction whenever I order it, which is something like, "I've never seen that before." So am I the only one?


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