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Two Wrongs Make a Right?

I've never been a fan of pickup trucks. They're cramped, noisy, ride poorly, and guzzle gas. If you need to haul things around in them on a regular basis, they're reasonable, but how many privately-owned pickups do you see actually carrying things in their cargo beds? I don't see many.

And I'm not a fan of the Volkswagen Touareg. One of my best friends drives one, and it's nice, to be sure, but the styling has never done much for me. Even by SUV standards, it's heavy, as if Volkswagen lined it with lead to make it feel more substantial.

And then I saw this, a one-off conversion of a Touareg into a pickup truck:

Touareg Pickup Conversion
(From AutoScoops, via Autoblog.)

I don't know how it's possible that someone has taken an SUV I don't particularly like, converted it into a vehicle type I don't like, and yet somehow I find the end result incredibly attractive. It doesn't look very practical, but this is so easily the best-looking pickup truck I've ever seen that I'd happily drive it. Buy it? Probably not. But drive it? In a heartbeat.


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