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"They're Saying the War Can't Be Won"

I was talking the other day with a business associate -- a retired Army officer, still deeply involved in the defense industry. He's a conservative guy, perhaps even very conservative, clearly a long-time Republican voter. What he said took me aback, not because of the sentiment, but because of the person expressing it:

Officer: The generals' reports out of Iraq are sanitized before we see them, but if you read between the lines, what they're saying is that the war can't be won.

Me: The generals are saying we're losing the war?

Officer: They're saying the war can't be won.


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I am sad to say that I am not surprised at all. I feel as a citizen, that our "Democracy" has been hijacked by the two-party system of government. It is no longer a reflection of what Americans feel or want it's like some kind of rogue cylon operating on it's own destructive agenda. I feel helpless.

A "rogue Cylon"? Are you a Battlestar Galactica fan? Interesting how that show took on the morality of terrorism in its first few shows this season...

I am a huge fan. Started watching the previous seasons on DVD and I am totally hooked.

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