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"We Assure You of 100% High Quality..."

This is from an e-mail I received today. I've highlighted the noteworthy passages:

With the best intention, we are writing this letter to see if there is any possibility that we could work together as global partners.

Our Translation Company, a leading translation & interpretation company in China, dedicates itself in providing our clients with highly professional language solutions. Focusing on the electronics, manufacturing, engineering, website &software localization, hi-tech, automation and legal fields, we have defined an important client base.

With over 2000 highly qualified local and international translators and interpreters, we generates revenue from a client list including over 60% of world top 1000 companies. In addition to our large pool of linguists located all over the nation, we are part of a network of more than 100 language firms, which themselves have large pools of linguists scattered all over China and the world.

Please tell us if you need our professional translation services after you go through this letter. Thank you!

The advantages of working with us:

1. The prices we offer are much lower than that of other translation companies. For example, it may cost 200 USD for translating a document in your country, and it costs only 50 USD for translating the same document in my company. (Reduce your cost!)

2. As you know, Chinese is our native language, we assure you of 100% high quality in the mutual translation between Chinese and other languages. Our company specializes in Asian language translation. We can help you better localize your culture in Asian areas. It is always our core competitive edge. Our company has won a good reputation in website & software localization for companies at home and abroad. (Core Competitive Edge)

3. We utilize the latest technological advancements to meet all of your needs in most standard software applications, such as QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe FrameMaker, etc. Further more, we can accommodate your needs for both Mac and PC platforms with a variety of fonts for all different languages. (Guaranteed Quality!)

4. 5000 English words/day/one translator. (High speed!)

5. We have USD intermediary bank, the foreign exchange can be transmitted directly into our company’s bank. It’s easy and safe. (Less worry!)


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