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"They Will Feed Fear. We Will Appeal to Hope"

Who said this, and when?

In this election, they will speak endlessly of risk. We will speak of progress. They will make accusations. We will make proposals. They will feed fear. We will appeal to hope. They will offer more lectures, and legalisms, and carefully worded denials. We offer another way, a better way, and a stiff dose of truth.
The answer can be found here. Found via this blog (I'm not including the blogger's name here so as to make it a bit less obvious).


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If you removed the names from the speech and the bitter cynicism that must have propelled it, it sounds pretty nice.

His "Arlington National Cemetery its gentle slopes and crosses row on row" phrase is especially nice. Considering his years as SecDef, you'd think he would've known the headstones in Arlington aren't crosses, row on row or otherwise. He lifted that line from an old WWI poem. Another reason to love chickenhawks.

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