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Why Soccer Moms Drive Minivans

On The Daily Show this week, host Jon Stewart interviewed "Daily Show expert" John Hodgman (I like how he's just an "expert", not an expert on any particular subject) on the World Cup:

Jon Stewart: Why hasn't soccer been embraced by Americans?

John Hodgman: Well, it has by some. For example, the famous soccer moms who've tried to liven the game up for Americans by introducing minivans into play. And also casual sex.

Jon Stewart: Casual sex?

John Hodgman: Yes. That's what the minivans are for. You've obviously never been to Brookline, Massachusetts, SMILF capital of New England.

From this page, click on "Latest Headlines", then click on "The World Cup" under "Most Recent Videos from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart".


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Um, Boseman, does this explain something about your own personal ride?

ok, i'm blaming the blood sugar crash i'm about to have for the misspelling of your name.

First, I don't live in Brookline, the "SMILF capital of New England" (sadly). Second, he didn't say anything about "soccer dads" and their minivans (also sadly) -- apparently all the action is in the minivans belonging to the soccer moms. So no, this doesn't say anything about my personal ride.

By the way, I'll get back at you another time for misspelling my name.

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