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The World Cup Begins

The World Cup kicked off today. I've been a fan of England for years now, and it looks like this might be their chance. They have one of the great midfields in the world (maybe the greatest -- I'm not enough of an expert to say). Michael Owen seems to be coming back to full strength just in time. David Beckham is playing up to his ability (unlike four years ago), showing the incredibly accurate kicks that made him not only the best set piece player in the world, but an international icon as well. And then there's Wayne Rooney. I could say that he might be the best forward alive today, and that his presence instantly makes England one of the great teams of this World Cup, but this UK newspaper front page showing his first scissor kick after his broken foot speaks more eloquently than I could:

There Is a God
The team is euphoric on his return. Beckham says they have all the pieces this time. Commentators think the omens are good.

So do I. England over Brazil in the finals. Go Lions!


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