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Qantas Uniforms, 1974-1985

I'm thinking about a vacation in Australia and New Zealand next summer, and so found myself browsing through the Qantas site. A link on this page led to a slide show of Qantas uniforms throughout history. Though most were bad, this photo stood out:

Qantas Uniforms, 1974-1985
To be fair, as best as I can recall, airline cabin crew uniforms were uniformly pretty bad until (generally speaking) the 1990s, and Qantas was no exception to that rule. But the outfits in the picture above -- well, let's just say it was a dark chapter even in the context of airline uniforms of the 1970s. The 'burnt orange blazer with dark brown pants and Village People mustache' look deserves some sort of award all on its own.


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