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"Incredibly Friendly Camaraderie"

The Carolina Hurricanes pretty much had their way with the Edmonton Oilers last night in a 5-0 rout in Raleigh. A story from The Edmonton Journal noted this post-game reaction:

"I honestly feel sorry for the Oilers because their goalie is out," said Joy Blount of Raleigh. "And I now feel like the 'Canes can't lose but it's unfortunate that these are the circumstances."

The incredibly friendly camaraderie between fans from both teams continued long after the game ended, dissecting the bounces of the game.

As with the singing of the Canadian anthem in Game 1, this kind of sportsmanship is great to see. My son Cameron and I were at RBC Center for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Buffalo Sabres. Sitting next to us were two Sabres fans. The game ended and the crowd continued the stunningly loud celebration that had begun with one minute left in the game. Within just a few seconds, all the Hurricanes fans sitting nearby (including Cameron and me) turned to them, shook hands, and said, "Good game."

It may be a small thing, but to me, it's important.


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