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BNL Makes Remixing "Easy"

The Barenaked Ladies' next album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me, is due out in September. The first single, "Easy", is going to be released at the end of June. This is good news -- it has been over two and a half years since they came out with Everything to Everyone. Interestingly, they're releasing Barenaked Ladies Are Me in three versions: a "13-song physical release, a 15-song digital version and a full-length 29-song version which will be available online only (at least to start with)".

What's even cooler about this is that BNL is releasing all the multitracks for "Easy" -- without DRM, of course -- ready for remixing. It's US$2.49 for the set. And they're doing so now, weeks ahead of the release of the single. Very clever. Also clever is that they'll be releasing multitracks for four more songs from their new CD in the same manner. The band will vote on their favorites, and the best five will make up an EP that will be released, with the proceeds going to the band members' favorite charities. The download link is here. (They're also making a more limited set of multitracks available for free on their MySpace page.)

Musicians looking for ideas on how to be relevant in the age of digital music could do much, much worse than to look at BNL.

[Note that there's a bit of confusion. The BNL e-mail and readme file included with the download says there are 16 tracks, but in fact there are only 11. The download site lists them as MP3s, but as the e-mail and readme note, they're 16-bit, 44.1 KHz WAV files.]


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