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Awareness Ribbons

In the category of "things I find myself wondering about when I'm out and about, and tell myself I'll look them up on the Internet later, but then forget" is the subject of awareness ribbons. I see people with them on their cars and wonder how many different ribbons exist. I got around to looking up the subject this evening, and it turns out, according to Wikipedia, there are quite a few. I counted 62 different colors and color combinations, some being used by many, many groups -- 8 in the case of teal, 17 in the case of dark blue, and no less than 22 in the case of green.

Well, now I know that when I see an orange ribbon on someone's car, they're definitely for lupus awareness. Or for awareness of racial tolerance, feral cats, roadway construction worker safety, hunger, cultural diversity, leukemia, motorcyclist safety, multiple scleroris, self-injury, Agent Orange exposure, or the Ukrainian Orange Revolution. Or maybe all of the above.


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