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A Moral Dilemma

Tonight is Game 6 of the NHL's Eastern Conference finals between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Buffalo Sabres. Carolina is up 3-2, so one more win and they're in the Stanley Cup finals. Tonight's game is at Buffalo; if Buffalo wins and forces a Game 7, it will be played in Raleigh Thursday evening.

Here's my moral dilemma: I have tickets to see Game 7. I missed the chance to purchase tickets for the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Montreal Canadiens. I had tickets to Game 7 of the semifinal series against the New Jersey Devils, but Carolina won that series in five games.

So do I cheer for the Hurricanes to wrap it up? Or do I cheer for Buffalo to force Game 7? I think the answer is that I cheer for the Hurricanes, and if they lose, I console myself knowing I'll get to see the deciding game in person.


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