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Million-Year-Old Ice

From a Reuters story:

A million-year-old ice sample drilled from 3 kilometres under the Antarctic and unveiled in Tokyo on Tuesday could yield vital clues on climate change, Japanese scientists said.

Researchers, showing off the cylindrical samples of what they said was the oldest ice ever to be retrieved, said studying air trapped inside "core" samples taken from various depths under ground could also help predict how the Earth's weather patterns will change in the future.

"The ice core is made up of snow that fell in the distant past," said project leader Hideaki Motoyama of the National Institute of Polar Research, dressed snugly in a parka after unveiling the gleaming ice in a room kept at minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 Fahrenheit).


Am I the only person who's looking at that photo thinking how great it would be to make a cocktail with that ice? And it's not a farfetched idea. After all, the scientists who retrieved the ice are from Japan. Surely a country that hunts whales for their meat while describing the killings as being for "scientific purposes" could, as long as they're drilling three kilometers below the surface of Antarctica, find the time to bring back more ice for our mixology needs?


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I especially like the idea of drinking up the prehistoric virii and bacteria that are probably in the water. Wonder what a million year old cold is like.


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