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GDC 2006: More Sony Keynote Coverage

As I predicted, far more people are blogging the Game Developers Conference than were the Serious Games Summit -- it's just a much larger event. Coverage of Phil Harrison's keynote on the PlayStation 3 can be found on game girl advance, AlterSlash, FiringSquad, Wonderland, and Joystiq (the coverage from Wonderland and Joystiq is detailed and especially recommended). Choice quotes:

game girl advance:

It was the usual Sony affair, with charts of how much hardware and software they've sold interspersed with pretty excellent technical demos. But it left me wondering, all this technology, and we're still only interested in how well we can blow things up?

Really, aside from Ted Price's new Ratchet and Clank demo and a new "lots of ducks" demo which was transformed, this time, into a "lots of fish swimming" demo, the other exhibitions were all about massive destruction: of cars, of environments, of people. The only suggestion that something like behavioral simulations could also be enhanced was in a Warhawk demo, where the way the enemy shot at you was called "Ambient Warfare."


Here's what you need to know: it was long (an hour), and quite full of guest speakers and demos. The demos were good, but sort of like watching bad films: perfectly rendered and realistic, but the content wasn't there. Another FPS. Another racing game. Another motorcross game.


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