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GDC 2006: "GDC Mobile Highlights"

GDC Mobile Highlights
Robert Tercek, Chairman, GDC Mobile
David DC Collier, Pikkle KK

World's biggest new media opportunity:

  • Two billion people have mobile phones (by 2009, one half of humanity will have a mobile phone)
  • More than 800 million handsets sold each year (Nokia makes six phones every second)
  • More than one million new connections (new mobile customers) every day
Truly global market:
  • Japan: 95 million (50% 3G)
  • Korea: 40 million
  • US: 200 million
  • Germany: 75 million
  • Italy: 68 million
  • UK: 58 million
  • Brazil: 86 million
  • India: 73 million
  • Russia: 130 million
  • China: 400 million
Market drivers: why is this happening now?
  1. Low cost and speed of network rollout
  2. Handset subsidy puts mobile phones in hands of millions
  3. Moore's Law: silicon price/power curve (today's mobile phone has graphics rendering power equivalent to PlayStation 1) (250 million smart phones this year)
  4. Networking built in
  5. Micro-transaction and subscription billing built in
  6. Network effect (fax effect)
Intense competition is both good and bad:
  • Collapses the cycle of innovation
  • But...
  • Fragmentation of platform (over 700 builds for mass market release)
  • Urge for differentiation leads to inconsistent user experience
Who publishes mobile games?
  • Mobile pureplays
  • Giant media companies
  • Traditional game publishers
Mobile game categories:
  • Arcade classics
  • Puzzle games
  • Console ports
  • Mobile originals


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