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GDC 2006: "Disrupting Development"

Disrupting Development
Satoru Iwata, President, Nintendo

Okay, if I was mean to Sony, it wouldn't be fair of me to go any easier on Nintendo.

If Sony's three messages were...

  1. We sure have sold a lot of units of the PlayStation 1 and 2!
  2. Look at our shiny new hardware. Look at it!
  3. We're thinking about network services. No, really!
...then Nintendo's ostensible messages were...
  1. Look at our new game, Brain Age!
  2. Look at our new game, Metroid DS!
  3. Look at our new controller for the Revolution!
Even less content than the Sony presentation, right? Except it was much better received by the crowd -- the applause was much longer and warmer. Why? Because the ostensible messages weren't the real messages. The real messages were...
  1. Game programmers are geeks. We like geeks!
  2. Have a free copy of Brain Age as you walk out the door!
  3. Look quickly! It's Zelda for the DS. It's shiny!
Future GDC keynote presenters, there's a lesson here for you. Make some jokes about programmer food groups, give away free software, show 30 seconds of a new version of a beloved game, and you're in like Flynn. Even if you barely say anything about your new console shipping soon.


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