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Things I Wish I Had Known a Week Ago

If only I had known all of this a week ago...

  • Six Apart advertises Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting as their "spotlight partner." However, Yahoo launched its Movable Type hosting program on 12 December with a known bug that would affect Yahoo users but that had already been fixed.
  • Yahoo promises "automatic upgrades to new versions of Movable Type". However, 10 weeks after launching their Movable Type hosting program, they have yet to upgrade users to a version of Movable Type available to them before they launched. Apparently upgrades will be automatic, but very, very slow in coming.
  • Yahoo promises "FastCGI to help you speed up blog posting and updates", but running on their servers, Movable Type is sometimes extremely slow, and occasionally completely unavailable. (I've had the slowness confirmed for me by Six Apart employees experiencing the same problem.)
  • Yahoo promises "24-hour toll-free support" to its Web Hosting customers. Their support, however, does not include support for Movable Type (this is disclosed in the fine print).
  • Also on the topic of Yahoo's support, if you're having problems with mySQL -- entirely possible given that Movable Type relies on it -- they don't support that over the phone. That's not disclosed in any fine print I saw before joining. In my case, the support representative gave me an e-mail address to use instead, but that bounced. When I submitted my question via their support form, it was ignored.
  • Need command-line access to your account? No, Yahoo doesn't offer it, and again, I didn't see that disclosed in any fine print before joining -- in fact, I only found out when I called Yahoo support to find out how to log in to my site. (In my case, I wanted to use ln to create a dynamic link from my new XML feed to a file named the same as my old XML feed. Yes, I could use theoretically accomplish the same effect by editing my Movable Type templates, but the bug referenced above is caused by template editing, and at this point, more than anything, I want my blog to keep working.)
I should point out that the Six Apart people have been as helpful as they could be throughout this. Their hands are tied by Yahoo, because Yahoo obviously controls its own servers.

In any case, it's clear to me now that, as much as I may like Yahoo as a company -- and I do -- their Small Business Web Hosting program is, at least for Movable Type users, something of a disaster. This presents an obvious dilemma: after a week of my blog being mostly down, and having spent far too many hours to count trying to get it back up, do I now take the chance of moving it to a hopefully more reliable hosting service? Or do I leave it where it is, avoid doing anything unusual to it, and hope that Yahoo gets their act together? On the one hand, I really don't want to be stuck with Yahoo Small Business... but right now, the thought of spending even one more hour just trying to keep my blog running is too much to bear. So I'll stay where I am, for the moment. Malheureusement.


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I am using wordpress and hosted by Yahoo as well, and there is always a problem with the mysql. They dun offer any help over the phone as long as it's database related. However, they also ignore most of my email. Usually replied my email 3 days after and said everything is ok when they check.

Anyway, I feel so frustrated and my blog keep not working while the rest of my site is perfectly fine.

It's funny how all of these so called "Big Name" companies have terrible customer service, can almost never give a good answer to anything or keep records together, take full advantage of people, and most of all WASTE A LOT OF OUR TIME AND MONEY!!!
It's all at the fault of the selfish, greedy, money hungry, (etc...) "Big Wigs" who controll everything. They don't really care about the customer, only the customers money! They prevent world progress, and are primitave in nature (not saying they're not smart, just primative, which is worse than being dumb). And I mean this!!!

I am going through the exact same thing right now with Yahoo and issues pertaining to MySQL. It's been hours of frustration. How can Yahoo have such terrible service on this matter, it's YAHOO for cryin out loud!

Here's a short list of a few other companies that have TERRIBLE customer service...

-Cox Communications

...Just to name a few (and there's a lot more!). All big names right? What is wrong with the world today?
AAH, life's short anyways... We'll all be dead soon enough and won't have to worry about this crap anymore!
Can you tell i'm frustrated?

Thanks for reading, and letting me vent a bit!

Have a good one!
------------ Jamin

Is this still an issue with Yahoo and MT? I was thinking about hosting my new MT blog with Yahoo (moving away from Wordpress because of the lack of tech support), but I don't need these kinds of hosting headaches.

Suz, yes, this is still an issue. As of today, Yahoo continues to run "Version 3.2ysb5-20051201", which is now over six months old.

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