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Congratulations, Pittsburgh

Last night's Super Bowl was a no-lose proposition for me: the winner would be either the team of my adopted hometown (Seattle) or a team that had done much to deserve it, both over the playoffs and the last decade (Pittsburgh). As it was, the Steelers won, and congratulations to them and their fans. To Seahawks fans, I wouldn't worry: they'll be back soon enough.

I know the score was close for most of the game -- as late as five minutes into the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh was only up by four points -- but it seemed a dull affair, not worthy of the big game. Neither offense played spectacularly well, but it wasn't because the defenses were great -- it just appeared that neither team could really get itself together.

Ah, well. Such is how most Super Bowls go. But just often enough, there's a great Super Bowl, a game for the ages -- like New England versus Carolina two years ago -- to keep us all watching. And so we'll all be there again next year.


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