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Bill Sardi on Resveratrol

I've blogged recently (here and here) on the latest news about resveratrol, now known to increase lifespan in at least one vertebrate species (a type of fish, courtesy of a just-published study out of Italy). Curious to learn more, I corresponded with Bill Sardi, founder of Longevinex, makers of what is to my mind the best available resveratrol supplement on the market:

Me: Your summary noted that the study used "100% trans resveratrol stored at 4┬░Centigrade (39┬░ Fahrenheit) in the dark". Is Longevinex 100 percent trans resveratrol? And does this mean that I should store it in my refrigerator?

Bill: 100% trans resveratrol costs a fortune; Longevinex provides trans resveratrol 50% extract from polygonum cuspidatum (Asian giant knotweed) and from red wine grapes (French). Store in cool place. Refrigerator may cause misting.

Me: Does the study offer any information relevant (even vaguely) to dosage information in H. sapiens?

Bill: Maybe... possibly 600 mg per day. Lower doses didn't work. But we know low-dose resveratrol in red wine results in the French having the longest living human population. The resveratrol was placed in a fish tank, possibly destroyed by light, air, etc., before consumption. The resveratrol in red wine is preserved in a dark, airtight bottle and then consumed. This may make a big difference.

Bill: So you know, the FDA is probably going to step in and block any high dose resveratrol pills. We can produce a 250 mg resveratrol pill now, but it would cost $3.00 per day.

Thanks to Bill for permission to reproduce our e-mail exchange here.


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RevGenetics produces 1000mg capsules that contain 500mg resveratrol.

Seems like prices are down. the problem is that the most you can put in Bill's capsules is 262mg of something... so even if they could come down in price, they could not use Licaps, the Pfizer capsules.

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