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Two-of-Four, But I Don't Care

Yesterday morning, I posted my NFL playoff predictions. My accuracy fell from 100 percent the last weekend down to just 50 percent -- but I don't care:

  • Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks. My prediction: Seahawks 31, Redskins 6. Actual result: Seahawks 20, Redskins 10. I thought this would be a blowout. It wasn't. Without NFL MVP Shaun Anderson, lost to a concussion early in the game, the Seahawks looked flat. He should be back next week, but given home field advantage, Seattle should have played better even in his absence.
  • New England Patriots at Denver Broncos. My prediction: Patriots 34, Broncos 27. Actual result: Broncos 27, Patriots 13. Well, I got Denver's score correct, but I never would have predicted New England would turn over the ball five times. Having said that, most amazing play ever in a losing cause? Patriots tight end Ben Watson running down Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey from the far side of the field to save a touchdown (scored shortly thereafter). Yes, a tight end ran down a cornerback, starting from the far side of the field, with no good angle, and having to weave around an official.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts. My prediction: Colts 35, Steelers 24. Actual result: Steelers 21, Colts 18. The Colts' Peyton Manning is now 3-6 in playoff games. Ouch.
  • Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears. My prediction: Panthers 16, Bears 10. Actual result: Panthers 29, Bears 21. When are people going to learn? Carolina steps it up in the playoffs. Remember Peyton Manning, former NFL MVP, the quarterback who's 3-6 in the playoffs? Jake Delhomme of the Panthers is now 5-1 in playoff games, with the only loss in the Super Bowl, a close game in which he played magnificently.
I had a house full of people for the Panthers game this evening, and to say we were going crazy was an understatement.

Oh, how I'd love to be in Seattle for next week's NFC championship game. It should be a great one.


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