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Green Lasers

For Christmas, I got my son Cameron this green handheld laser -- he had wanted it for some time, and having tried it when it arrived, I can testify that it's very cool. It's a 5-milliwatt laser with a range of just under two miles. The opportunity for mayhem is reduced given that the beam itself is visible, not just the dot where the beam lands (thereby making it easy to trace to the source).

Now (via an entry here) a Chinese company has come along with its own line of green lasers that make the standard 5-milliwatt models sold in the US seem like Fisher-Price toys. They range from 15 to 115 milliwatts, with ranges of 6 to 50 miles. Videos on the Website show the more powerful models cutting through black tape, lighting matches, and the like. Cool! The mayhem is back!

The best part about the site is the marketing text for the lasers. From the description for the 75-milliwatt model: "The phoenix soars for miles blazing a green trail leaving everything scorched in its path." For the 95-milliwatt model: "Wield the chaotic forces of the nexus to create a new star." For the 115-milliwatt model: "Break apart the boundaries of this world and enter on a journey to your new reality! Use the forces contained within this powerful laser to bring light and creation to your new universe!"

How could I not want one of these?


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green laser pointer is really a quite perfect present for Chiristmas. i usually use it to seek funs and enjoyment in my spare time. I love it very much.

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