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Divisional Playoff Predictions

Last weekend, I picked the winners in all four NFL playoff games, but since I didn't post my predictions here first, well, it just doesn't count, does it? Okay, I'll do it in the proper order this time.

  • Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks. Washington simply doesn't have the tools to keep up with the Seahawks. Many playoff weekends have at least one blowout, and this will be it. Seahawks 31, Redskins 6.
  • New England Patriots at Denver Broncos. Yes, Denver has the best home-field advantage in the NFL, and yes, they went 13-3 during the regular season, whereas New England went 10-6. So what? They're the Patriots, and they're back. Patriots 34, Broncos 27.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts. Pittsburgh is a tough team, and they're playing well of late. Meanwhile, Indianapolis is rusty and still dealing with emotional turmoil. It won't matter. The game won't be as close as the score will make it seem. Colts 35, Steelers 24.
  • Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears. Rex Grossman of Chicago has played six quarters of football all season, and this is his first playoff game ever. Jake Delhomme of Carolina has a 4-1 record and a 105.1 quarterback rating in the playoffs -- and his one loss came in the Super Bowl, when he was a shanked kickoff away from winning and being named MVP. Carolina runs hot and cold, to be sure, but under Coach John Fox, they consistently run blazingly hot in the playoffs. Panthers 16, Bears 10.


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