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Christmas Shopping Lessons

I've been staring at my list of Christmas gift recipients for days and days now, with no ideas for most of them, but determined not to resort to gift cards except in extraordinary cases. I finally buckled down tonight and decided that no matter what, I'd have all my Christmas gifts ordered before the evening was done. What did I learn?

  1. Amazon's gift lists are great -- not so much their editors' picks, but their lists of most wished-for gifts, and not always for the gifts on those lists themselves, but for the ideas they lead to.
  2. Amazon Prime -- unlimited two-day shipping for $79 per year -- is incredibly useful. It freed me from worrying about how to combine orders to reduce my shipping costs, and made it economical to ship even relatively inexpensive gifts.
  3. Sadly, Amazon doesn't have everything. Halfway through the process, I was spoiled enough to be irritated when I'd go to another site and realize that I'd have to pay for shipping, or that I'd have to pay sales tax.
So, 21 gifts later, I'm all done. I hope.


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