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Speaking at the Serious Games Summit

I'm at the Serious Games Summit in Arlington, VA today and tomorrow. I'll be speaking on a panel later this morning titled, Assessment for Interactive Training Applications:

The realm of Serious Games is currently challenged by the need to establish metrics which show the efficacy of interactive technology as a viable learning medium.

Most games based learning solutions capture state data, flag met or unmet performance criteria and "dump" this data at the end of an experiential learning session. More sophisticated solutions provide a robust After Action Reviews (AARs) that include the capture of time-stamped voice and video packets and chart the captured data graphically. Other solutions provide the means for spectators to provide instructor and peer feedback in real-time. During this panel the participants will explore common assessment requirements across several disciplines.

This panel will explore how assessment is being used in games based learning solutions for:

    New York City Firefighters (HAZMAT-HOTZONE)
  • Engineering and Science undergraduates
  • Medical School Students (surgical team coordination)
  • Cross Cultural Communications (America's Army)
Intended Audience and Prerequisites

Educators, scientists, researchers, instructional designers and game developers will benefit from this frank and open discussion of assessment methodologies being employed in several state-of-the art experiential learning games across several disciplines. Prerequisite knowledge is not necessary for understanding the content of this session.

What is the idea takeaway from this presentation?

Attendees will learn:

  • What types of state data are usually captured during the conduct of games based learning scenarios
  • What constitues an After Action Review (AAR) for learning games
  • How students are tracked and performance is base-lined in Learning Management Systems
  • What needs have been uncovered by currently fielded applications
  • Where we are headed from here
This is my first year at the summit, and so far, there's a great deal of energy here.


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