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So Much for the Hanson Brothers

The NHL has instituted substantial rules changes for the coming season:

The new standard of enforcement will require referees to call penalties on existing rules, including hooking, holding, tripping, slashing, cross checking and interference.

"It's important that people out there in the mainstream of hockey recognize that this is a cultural change in hockey," said Stephen Walkom, NHL Senior Vice President & Director of Officiating. "Accepted practices, practices that have been coached into the game for the past 20 years, will now be called as penalties. The clutching and grabbing of the puck carrier that has bothered the fans for years will be addressed under the new standard of enforcement."

Oh, well, so much for the Hanson Brothers.

I'm all for more international-style, faster-paced, finesse-style hockey, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Hansons.

(By the way, licensed Hanson Brothers jerseys are here. Licensed Slap Shot jerseys ("Ogilthorpe!") are here. The IMDB page for Slap Shot is here.)


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