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Apple's Announcements Tomorrow

The topic du jour seems to be speculation about what Apple will be announcing tomorrow. The pre-event frenzy has AAPL up nearly five percent today as I write this. Due to leaks from Motorola, it seems likely that an iTunes-compatible phone will be announced. So the question is, is that it?

Via Think Secret, The Wall Street Journal thinks it will be an iPod mini based on flash memory. Forbes says:

Jobs is famous for confounding and surprising folks, and could be debuting just about anything. The iTunes phone is virtually a lock, but also keep your eyes open for new flash-memory based iPod Minis, a phone-based version of the company's Web Safari browser, or even a video-capable iPod.
I've been to one of Steve Jobs' signature launch events, the public unveiling of NeXT at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco in 1988. As the "one last thing" at a Macworld keynote address, I can imagine an iTunes phone, or a flash-based iPod mini. But as the focus of an entire special-purpose event?

I don't know what Jobs has up his sleeve. But it's instructive to note just how often he zigs when everyone thinks he's going to zag. Back in the spring, pundits talked about music-by-subscription models, and video iPods, and instead he surprised everyone by building podcasting into iTunes, co-opting the entire podcasting phenomenon in one stroke. So the one thing I'm sure of is that he has some sort of surprise in store.


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