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The Unexplained Bacon Effect

In one of the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons, a HAL-like home computer (voiced by Pierce Brosnan) tries to murder Homer in order to have Marge all to itself. It lures him downstairs into the kitchen in the middle of the night by cooking bacon, which prompts Homer to sleepwalk downstairs, muttering, "Mmmm... unexplained bacon."

I cooked breakfast earlier for my son Cameron -- French toast (the secret, per America's Test Kitchen, is flour in the batter) and bacon (the secret, per my sister-in-law Karin, is low and slow). The bacon takes long enough -- up to an hour -- that when I fix it for any of the kids, I put it on before they wake up. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but every time I do this, Cameron wakes up within 15 minutes. Could it be the Unexplained Bacon effect?


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