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"One of the Business Deals of the Decade"

While I'm thinking of Robert Scoble, from an entry in his blog:

If I had my hands on Microsoft's cash, I'd be buying blog search, blogging and podcasting networks, a ping server or two, and Memeorandum. I would have bought Flickr too. I think that Yahoo's purchase of Flickr will turn out to be one of the business deals of the decade. I heard that was purchased for less than $20 million. Amazing since the market for digitial photography is much larger than the market for podcasting.
No comment on the purchase price, but I agree with Robert. When all is said and done, I believe that Yahoo is going to derive at least an order of magnitude in benefits from Flickr, and perhaps two orders.

I think I differ from Robert, though, in that he seems to imply that the benefit will be from giving Yahoo a digital photography play. I believe that the true benefit of the purchase will be in the Flickr people infecting Yahoo with their development philosophy memes. Imagine a company of the depth and breadth of Yahoo innovating company-wide like Flickr. It's staggering to consider.


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