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Expectations and Disappointments

I once heard someone being interviewed on NPR say, "expectations are just disappointments in progress." That certainly seemed to be the case for me as I traveled from North Carolina to Missouri earlier this week.

I expected my flight from Raleigh-Durham to Atlanta to leave at 4:52 PM, my flight from Atlanta to St. Louis to leave at 7:06 PM, and, with the 2.5-hour drive afterwards, to be in my hotel room by 11:00 PM, ready to get a good night's sleep before a meeting first thing Wednesday. Instead, my flight departed Raleigh-Durham at 5:20 PM, was delayed again en route, and diverted to Knoxville for fuel. The pilot's advice was, essentially, don't worry, because all the flights would be late, including our connections. Correction: all the flights were late except my connection, which, by the time we finally arrived in Atlanta, I missed. Instead of leaving at 7:06 PM, I was rebooked on the last flight out, at 10:57 PM. That didn't leave until 1:40 AM. By the time I arrived at my hotel, it was almost 5:00 AM in Missouri, giving me enough time for a half hour nap, a shower, and then heading out to my meeting. In the end, I slept 30 minutes out of 41 hours straight -- maybe 45 minutes if I count a few brief catnaps.

So much for expectations.


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