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We're 2-3... 2-4... 2-5

I haven't blogged in a while about my summer soccer team. The last three games haven't gone so well.

After the last game I blogged, we held our typical Sunday afternoon practice. I was one of the defenders on drills with other players taking turns as forwards. One of our star forwards, a girl with a very strong leg, took a full-power shot just as I happened to be in front of her, not more than two or three yards away. The ball hit me square in the face, and I don't think I've ever felt anything quite like it. I crumpled to the ground. After a moment, I felt my face and realized I wasn't bleeding, so decided to get up... and was actually dizzy and couldn't quite stand up straight at first.

Of course, it's easy to guess what happened at the game the next day -- having never taken a ball in the face like that before, it happened to me again while we were playing. This time, I didn't go all the way down, just to one knee, thinking, "Oh, no, not again," kind of like Douglas Adams' bowl of petunias. Anyway, we lost that game 3-2, but played reasonably well, I thought.

The next game, we faced off against the team that gave us an 11-0 drubbing earlier in the season. We played them harder the second time, and it was closer, but we still lost 5-1.

In last night's game, we started off well, and I personally felt like I played my best all season -- I had a save in goal, and practically flew to come this close to another save when our keeper was out. But we seemed to wear down and ended up losing 6-0, which was frustrating.

So now, by my count, we're 2-5. But though I'm frustrated with our performance, I don't love soccer any less than when we were winning last summer, and win or lose, I wouldn't want to play with anyone else.


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