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Military Training Technology Article

My newest article, "Open Source, Open Standards", written for the July 2005 issue of Military Training Technology, is now posted on their Website. Excerpt below:

[M]ilitary customers must require that vendors release all code developed using government funds under an open source software license. This may be the most difficult change to engender, because as a customer, it is easy to say, "I paid for it, so I should own it exclusively." This can be a tempting thought, but it is counter-productive. As more and more military customers release code for their projects under open source licenses, the availability of such code will create a network effect, amplifying the efforts of all vendors by allowing them to build on what already exists. As has been so amply demonstrated in the civilian open source community, this will lead to better products at lower prices.

As a growing number of organizations require the use and development of open source software by vendors, the military simulation learning community will create an ever-growing body of tools and technologies, available for all to build upon, fueling ever-faster growth in capabilities and applications.


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