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London, Yesterday and Today

Yesterday morning, I was driving to a meeting in Virginia when the winner of the 2012 Olympics was announced. There was that moment of suspense as Jacques Rogge paused appropriately, and then when the word "London" came out, I actually cheered in the car. I love France, and Paris is a beautiful city, but like so many Americans, London feels like going home to me. London was the underdog for the Olympics, and the Parisians were acting like it was theirs, so naturally, taking all into account, I had to cheer for the Londoners. What a delight.

This morning I woke up to the news that London had been bombed. I hope and believe I'll never be shocked again as I was by 9/11 -- at this point, I'd be horrified but not shocked if I woke up the news that New York had been hit with a briefcase nuke -- but still, it was hard to hear. Such a wonderful city, such wonderful people. I didn't ask "Why them?" I know why them, or at least think I do. They're perceived as being staunch allies of the US. They have troops on the ground in Iraq and have since the invasion. But that doesn't make it any less horrific, or any less barbaric, or any less wrong -- utterly and completely wrong.

To the people of London, you have my condolences. And please know that not only will I visit your city later this year as planned, I will actively look for more opportunities to make my way there.


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