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Green Tea Frappucino

For me, one of the many nice things about visiting Japan has been the Green Tea Frappucinos available at Starbucks there. Now we have them in the US! This is a happy day.

Here's the even happier part: now I know how they're made. The barista at a nearby Starbucks showed me all the ingredients -- very kind of her, I thought. So here they are:

  • Cream base. She didn't know all the ingredients, but said it was made from skim milk, thickened somehow. How to do this? Add egg whites to skim milk? Or a touch of light cream? I need to ask a friend who's an expert cook.
  • Sweetened green tea powder. This carries the Tazo brand. The ingredients couldn't be simpler: refined sugar and green tea powder. There's an obvious opportunity to lighten the recipe here by using Splenda instead of sugar.
  • Melon syrup. I didn't notice the brand, but Torani has a version, though sadly not in a sugar-free variety. Note the potential for an alcoholic version of this drink by substituting Midori liqueur here.
  • Ice. Of course.
So now to assemble the ingredients at home and try to nail down a workable recipe...


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