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We're 1-1

My soccer team won 4-0 last night, making us 1-1 on the season so far.

In the first half, my inexperience nearly cost us. In the summer league, we play on a short field, and the keeper isn't allowed to kick past the midfield line on goal kicks. Early in the game, the keeper kicked it to me to kick back to him. This had never happened to me before, and my r-brain said something roughly like, "Giant lizard coming! Panic!" I kicked it back to him, but far too hard, and it was very nearly an own goal.

However, I redeemed myself in the second half. I had my first save ever while guarding the goal. And two of my kick-ins indirectly led to our two goals of the game -- both great to watch, by two of the talented group of women we're so lucky to have. So it ended up being a good game, both for the team and for me.


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