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"My Beloved Sorceress"

Over lunch the other day, I mentioned that the summer movie I was most looking forward to -- even over Batman Begins or War of the Worlds -- was Bewitched, about which I blogged when I first heard about it a year and a half ago. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I'm really looking forward to Bewitched. Christophe, you're French, so you wouldn't know about it. It's an American sixties sitcom thing.

Christophe: No, no, I know this show.

Me: That can't be.

Christophe: No, really, we had it in France. It was called... Ma Sorcière Aimée.

And here I thought that it was just an American thing. Who knew?


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More exactly "Ma sorcière bien-aimée" :-)


Go figure, there's even this american TV show we got in France that no American i talked to had ever heard of :

"The Man from Atlantis", staring Patrick Duffy.



Thanks for the correction. I'll have to tweak my French friend about forgetting the bien.

Who doesn't remember The Man from Atlantis? I used to watch that show every week! Without looking it up... let's see... he wore trunks with a swirly logo on them... swam by moving his entire body rather than stroking... had a cute blonde human scientist friend... and his nemesis was a very large guy with a beard.

I just looked at your URL and it looks like I got it right. Now, how about the TV series Search? Does anyone remember that? I couldn't miss an episode when I was a kid. Spies with TV-transmitting necklaces and ear implants that allowed them to talk with mission control from anywhere.

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